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Did you get a tax letter like this from the IRS in the mail?

First off, it’s not a scam, this letter is accurate and it is from the IRS.

However, if you *filed* your 2021 taxes, you can likely ignore it (my clients can definitely ignore it). These credits are computed and considered by most tax software by default, as long as you qualify for them.

This letter is a reminder for people who may not have filed either because of delinquency or because they don’t usually need to file a tax return (e.g., seniors living solely on social security). If those people are eligible for these credits and didn’t get them all in advance, they need to file a tax return to claim them.

If you filed your 2021 taxes and used a reputable CPA or EA or otherwise state-licensed tax preparer, no need to ask about this “just in case.”