Strube CPA PC

Tax & Accounting Services for Individuals & Small Businesses

Our Process

How do I work with StrubeCPA?

1. Get in Touch

Use the contact form or book an optional discovery call to discuss your tax needs and explore whether we are the right fit for you. 

2. Sign Proposal

We send you a customized proposal for you to review, add payment information for a deposit, and e-sign.

3. Organizer & Documents

Fill out an electronic organizer to help us file your taxes accurately and upload your documents to TaxDome, our secure file portal.*

4. Get Your Taxes Done Right!

We prepare your tax returns and send you a video to walk you through them. We process final payment for our services and send you the return(s) via DocuSign for your review and e-signature.  Then we e-file your return(s) and send you a confirmation of filing.


*​We are a paperless remote firm. We charge an extra fee for receiving and scanning paper documents.


Ready to get your taxes and books done right?

Tax forms will vary based on your situation. Keep in mind that everyone gets different forms, so it is hard to provide a complete list. It is your responsibility to know your accounts and find/download every tax form, but here is a general list to get you started:

  • All tax forms received (e.g., W-2, 1099, 1098, K-1)
  • If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA; not FSA):
    • Your year-end paystub (in addition to your W-2)
    • An annual or year-end statement of HSA account activity
  • Confirmations of any estimated tax payments made for the tax year
  • Property tax statements if NOT escrowed through a mortgage
  • Closing statements pertaining to real estate transactions
  • Summaries of activity for businesses and/or rentals (summaries of expenses by category only, not individual receipts)
  • Summaries of cash donations (summaries of expenses by amount and non-profit only, individual receipts not needed)
  • Any tax notices received from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or other taxing authorities