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The 2020 IRS individual tax filing and payment deadline has been postponed one month to Monday, May 17. So if you owe on your individual taxes for 2020 this year, you have an extra month to file and pay. This is automatic, you don’t have to apply or fill out a form for this. This is legitimate.
You can verify these types of deadline changes on There’s a banner on the site (screenshot below).

The deadline *could* change again. this website is the place to check.
Some states have conformed to match this deadline, others have not. Check your state revenue website. Most of my clients are in California, and CA *has* conformed to the new IRS deadline.

But it is important to note, that as of this posting, IRS and FTB have NOT extended the 4/15/21 due date for your first quarter estimated tax payments. So if you make quarterly estimates, those are *still* due 4/15. Yes, 2021 tax payments are due BEFORE 2020 tax payments. Because government.

Finally, if you use a tax professional, do NOT call or email them to confirm this. Our industry is swamped with changes, so checking this yourself is a way to show gracious courtesy to your weary tax pro.