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Client: “I did [maybe-taxable/deductible thing] this year. Do you NEED [receipt/document/proof/information]?”

I am asked this question SO OFTEN as a tax professional. And 90% of the time, the answer is “yes.”
If you are wondering IF something is taxable or deductible, make your default to just provide the document to your tax pro (upload it to my portal). If the document isn’t self-explanatory (like a receipt), add a note to it to explain it.

If you only ask if I need it, but don’t provide the document, you’ve just slowed down the processing of your tax returns. Help me get your returns done faster.
Why only 90%? What’s the 10% exception, you ask? 401k statements. I have yet to see a need to see these. Yet, for some reason, I get them FREQUENTLY. Save yourself the scanning, I don’t need those.